AI Developer

Job description

To give our customers a View of their wind turbines (and soon many more assets) we need to review thousands of images and find damages and defects in them. We are looking for an AI Developer to build Artificial Intelligence that does this fully automatically. 

As one of the first employees at our startup, you will have a huge impact on the technology we use and build to provide customers all over the world with a View of their valuable assets!

The team currently has seven members, an office in Delft and an office in Amsterdam. For this position you can expect a yearly gross salary between €35,000 - €45,000 plus stock options in our company worth up to €10,000.

Your Mission

  • Use Artificial Intelligence (ConvNets) to find defects on assets such as wind turbines in images collected by drones.
  • Build AI that can easily be scaled to different business cases (for example: inspection, agriculture and wildlife conservation).
  • Turn Artificial Intelligence into Artificial Inspectors that will give advice on repairs and predict failures from happening at all.

At the moment we have no open positions. But, it is our ambition to grow further. We are happy to already get to know our future colleagues. So, if you are excited: apply anyway!



  • are excited about the opportunity to have the freedom and the responsibility to contribute to's Artificial Intelligence for defect detection.
  • have experience with deep learning for practical applications (show or tell us what you did!).
  • are able to quickly create prototypes to evaluate your ideas and iteratively improve them into working applications.
  • can solve challenges independently.
  • are an excellent project planner: you can take a long-term goal and break it up into achievable steps.
  • worked with a machine learning framework (e.g. Caffe, Torch, TensorFlow, PyTorch, etc.).
  • are a resident of the EU, or have a Dutch Working permit and are willing to move to the Netherlands.