AI to provide a bird's-eye view

We are giving our customers a bird's-eye view of their valuable assets such as wind turbines and solar farms, so that they can take better decisions about maintenance and prevent any unnecessary downtime. 

We hire a drone operator to collect images of the asset.

We use Artificial Intelligence to create Artificial Inspectors that automatically find damages and defects in all of these images. 

We visualize this information to give our customers a View of their assets.

We are building the technology to predict and show how damages and defects might evolve in the future

A View of the world

Wind turbines and solar farms are only the beginning. There are many more valuable assets that are not supposed to break down. 

Will you join us to give our customers a View of their power lines, sea vessels, bridges, aircraft, chimneys and many more? 

Check out the open positions below!

Working at

  • Two offices: a HQ in Delft and a space at Rockstart in Amsterdam
  • Access to GPUs and annotated datasets
  • Monthly team building activities
  • Every month we host a hackathon to apply our technology to wildlife conservation
  • Daily ping pong competitions
  • Trips to relevant conferences and events
  • Plenty of whiteboards and post-its for superior brainstorm sessions

Join us

Currently we don't have any open positions.

Meet the team

Camiel 🇳🇱
Co-founder & CEO
Sébastien 🇳🇱
Christiaan 🇳🇱
Anouk 🇳🇱
Co-founder & AI Developer
Max 🇿🇦
AI Developer
Patrick 🇮🇪🇳🇮
Full Stack Developer
Anjad 🇸🇾
Product Manager